Watch and read what others say about their experience with our programs:


Now that I have had the opportunity to go out and practice the incredible craft of Neuro-Semantics and NLP that I have been exposed to, I am so amazed at the results it is having. It is enriching the level of depth of my communication in the way I can relate to myself and others and the impact this has on our business’ ability to solve our clients’ problems.

I expected to walk away from the program with a few tips on how to build rapport. What I in fact walked away with was a completely refreshed view of communication and the relationship that we have with words and ideas. The skills learned in the program have enabled me to have much more meaningful conversations with colleagues and much more valuable conversations with clients. I find myself in a state of continuous curiosity in learning about other people.

I would like to summarise with a presupposition that I learned in the training ‘The meaning of our communication is the response that we get’.”

Connor O’Rourke, Business Development Manager + Team Leader Sales, Datacom Systems SA Pty Ltd


“The workshop challenged my thinking, not only about my actions and behaviours in a professional context, but also personally. An interactive and thought-provoking session, you challenged us to analyse our own behaviours and realise the impact of those behaviours on others, which has the potential to produce powerful results professionally and personally”.

Melissa Ciplys, Senior Organisational Development Advisor, BAE Systems Australia, Adelaide, SA


“Thank you so much for what I can only describe as an exhilarating weekend. The mind is an amazing thing, ‘My Mind’ is an amazing thing, and I have used it today in ways I never thought possible. I am now much more consciously engaged in communication and focused in every aspect of my daily life since completing the program.”

Michael Butler, Managing Director, Ivan Butler Funerals, Klemzig, SA


“An outstanding and thought provoking 3 day session for those who want to advance their communication skills for personal achievement or to enrich the lives of fellow human beings needing assistance. I found the course to be interesting, fun and enriching because it expands on other ways of looking at life’s big picture.”

Linda Elson, Team Leader, HR Strategy, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), Adelaide, SA


“Hi Mike. You might be interested to know that I spontaneously coached a friend in need last night on the eve of having to go to court on an extremely emotional and stressful matter today and I actually helped her create a state of calmness and optimism and anchored it and she told me this evening that it well and truly worked and really helped her get through today and she had a positive outcome.  I was hoping that I would do it properly (being a novice without any material to remind me of the process) but I just kept thinking ‘please let me help my friend’ and put myself into a calm state and it all went according to plan! Unbelievable!! And of course … your influence is spreading and making a difference.”

Karen Lane, KM Manager, Minter Ellison, Adelaide, SA


“Want Your People to Work More With You and Less Against You? Is a tremendous opportunity to look outside the square and gain skills that can be applied everyday.

In a business where people are a vital asset I have been able to apply skills picked up at this work shop to gain positive results and maintain a better balance of proactive accountable team members making my day more productive and focused on the running of the business

Learning new skills through NLP from Mike and Noel allows good operators to play on a different field. A winning one.”

Josh Hampton, Restaurant Bars and Events Manager at Parkroyal Melbourne Airport , Melbourne VIC


“The ‘Want Your People to Work More with You & Less Against You Workshop’ exposed me to a different way of approaching difficult conversations & how people think by stepping back & viewing the situation from an ‘up above’ perspective. The workshop also gave me an understanding of how to challenge my frames of reference & meaning to intentionally choose my attitude & approach to new tasks which I have found really useful. Taking a moment to get myself into the right frame of mind is so powerful & valuable & is something that I deliberately do each day now.”

Sarah Gerrard , Branch Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Adelaide SA


“I went away from the workshop, not only with some good tools and approaches, but also personally in an inspired space. I used the booklet you’ve provided to draft up a business framework for OD in the both areas I work in!”

Heather Gibb, Occupational Psychologist, SA Health, Adelaide, SA


“Mike’s passion for NLP is evident in his presentations and leadership days. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a session run by Mike and his colleague. I found the information presented thought provoking and although I was initially skeptical, I found that Mike’s energy and expertise won me over. Thanks for an interesting day and of course the subsequent conversations further exploring NLP!”

Michelle Holland, Manager, People and Culture, City of Salisbury, SA


“Thank you for inviting me to attend your half day leadership workshop. I found the session very informative and I was extremely surprised at how much I learned about myself and how I interact with others in this short workshop.

When we rush from meeting to meeting while juggling various tasks in a complex world it is easy to forget our own impact on others. During the short workshop you sensitised me about my own behaviour and I have been surprised at the collaborative outcomes I have achieved since I have changed some of my own behaviour. I have also had the pleasure of seeing someone else put in place what she had learnt at your workshop. The workplace results speak for themselves. You helped us to analyse our interactions with others much more objectively.

Your workshop was well paced and provided a good mixture of theory and experiential learning.  I believe that everyone who attended enjoyed the workshop very much since you facilitated a serious topic with good humour and tremendous insight.

Thank you for introducing me to Neuro-Semantics and NLP. I look forward to learning even more from you in future. I will recommend the workshop highly to both new and experienced managers.”

Andries Pretorius, Human Resources Manager, Toop & Toop Real Estate, Adelaide SA


“Thank you for getting me along to the Neuro-Semantics Meta-Stating Practitioner training. I got a lot out of it and it was just what I needed to progress in my professional and personal lives. It was even worth the sacrifice of my long weekend sleep-ins – now that’s saying something!”

Miriam Henke, NLP Trainer & Life Coach, Revelation Training & Coaching, Adelaide, SA


“The half day leadership workshop presented me with a new way of thinking and improved my vision and goal focus in both my personal and professional life.  It gave me an opportunity to experiment with NLP techniques in a safe friendly environment and learn how to improve relationships with others.  The course delivery, pace and resources were excellent, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand more about themselves and others through experimental learning.  NLP is a powerful tool for change and learning to engage at a higher level.”

Rachel Randall, Human Resource Consultant, Credit Union SA, Adelaide, SA


“I just wanted to let you know that the presentation yesterday was a total success! It was the very first time that I walked into a room full of people more experienced than me and just hit a home run. In the days leading up to the presentation, I became more and more excited which is a first for me. Until then, I had always been nervous and shy, but not this time. As soon as I set foot on campus, I was in the zone. I walked into the room feeling 100 feet tall, and did the presentation as if I was 100 feet tall, whereas in the past I would have presented as if I was 2 feet tall. I had the audience totally engaged with me – they came along for the ride – and the feedback I got was that they really enjoyed it.

NLP is something that I will strongly recommend to my fellow PhD students and to anyone who wants to bring out the best in terms of presentation, leadership and engaging with people in both formal and informal settings.”

Beni Halvorsen, PhD Student (HR), University of South Australia, Adelaide SA


“Before I attended the session that Mike and Noel presented on “Want Your People to Work With you and Less Against You”, I must admit that I knew very little about NLP, and was quite sceptical. However, I began to realise how much we try to manage people intellectually on a day-to-day basis, which is not always helpful. I found that Mike and Noel are good at challenging your mindset, and are committed to working through individual situations to personalise the subject matter. For me, the scepticism was lessened when I sat in the room and listened to a participant who gave up smoking as a result, and hearing of a PhD candidate who overcame the fear of presenting to a group of senior academics. It is something that I would like to see unfold in our organisation further, as it would be a great tool  for everyday people managers.”

James Phillips , HR Advisor, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Adelaide, SA


“Whilst my exposure and experience with NLP has been limited, it has had a big impact on my life. I view myself differently and I feel different inside my own body. I believe that I can now see myself as other people do. I am an amazing individual who has the capacity to deliver high level and volumes of work. I’ve given myself permission to relax and that it is OK not to achieve perfection every time. I have a level of confidence that I never before knew that I could feel, and I know that I can achieve whatever I want. I am ready for any challenge that may come my way … BRING IT ON!!!

Vanita Miller, Human Resource Administrator, Toop & Toop Realt Estate, Adelaide SA