Transformational Leadership


Transforming Vision into Reality

Transformational Leadership


Transforming Vision into Reality

“Now that I have had the opportunity to go out and practice the incredible craft of Neuro-Semantics and NLP that I have been exposed to, I am so amazed at the results it is having. It is enriching the level of depth of my communication in the way I can relate to myself and others and the impact this has on our business’ ability to solve our clients’ problems.

I expected to walk away from the program with a few tips on how to build rapport. What I in fact walked away with was a completely refreshed view of communication and the relationship that we have with words and ideas. The skills learned in the program have enabled me to have much more meaningful conversations with colleagues and much more valuable conversations with clients. I find myself in a state of continuous curiosity in learning about other people.”

Connor O'Rourke

General Manager - Sales, Datacom Systems SA Pty Ltd

This Transformational Leadership Program is made up of 3 separate programs:

1. Self-Leadership – Accessing Personal Genius, 2. Advanced Coaching Essentials 3. Coaching for Transformation.

Each program teaches very unique skill sets and when combined give you and your organisation potent transformational capabilities.

(Note: Program 1 and 2 can also be taken as stand alone programs).

Inside-Out Leadership (3 days)
Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach Training (ILC) #1


(Note: Can be taken as a stand alone program)

Leading from the Inside Out, Transforming Your Life and Unleashing Potential!

This training is about creating a laser beam focus, a presence of mind or a state of ‘flow’, on whatever task is at hand. It’s the kind of focus that allows you to tap into all the resources you have within you.

You will learn and have practical experience in leading edge Self-Leadership models and be presented with concepts that have revolutionised the way that people and organisations have thought about leadership.

Inside-Out Leadership will introduce you to the self-reflective nature of your higher level meanings and the structure behind it. As such, this training will provide you with pre-requisite states of mind and emotion for personal mastery.


  • The ability to powerfully focus all of your attention and energy
  • The ability to step in and out of that state at will
  • A sense of being in control of your mind, emotions and body
  • A strong sense of self acceptance and appreciation
  • The ego-strength to face challenges and even relish in them
  • Resilience to take life’s ups and downs and bounce back
  • The efficiency to take effective action on what you know
Applied Coaching Fundamentals (4 days)
Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach Training (ACF) #2

(Note: Can be taken as a stand alone program)

Lead your way to excellence in communicating, influencing, relating and coaching.

This 4 day training will introduce you to the basic NLP Communication Model as it applies to the domain of Coaching.

It will provide you with a framework and advanced mental and behavioural tools to engage yourself and others and transfer your insights and abilities- strengthen your ability to build rapport, communicate and relate.

You will learn and walk away with:

  • An advanced communication model for razor sharp communication
  • The tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others
  • Leading edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said
  • Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others
  • Rapport skills for creating business and coaching success
  • A precision questioning model for getting to the heart of profound change
  • Accelerate performance with transformational feedback skills
  • Overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and your clients
Coaching for Transformation (3 days)

Advanced Neuro-Synergy and NLP Change Models for Personal and Organisational Transformation

(Note: Prerequisite – Completed Program 1 & 2)

From Meaning into Performance, Transforming Vision into Reality

This 3 day advanced training program focuses on coaching managers and leaders within an organisation for using coaching as a methodology for leading, managing and facilitating change. The emphasis is on developing the company’s capacity for organisational development, culture, management, leadership and transformation.

This training is an outstanding program for professionals working within an organisation to enhance human performance and achieve business outcomes. CEOs, executives, managers, sales managers, human resource professionals, and internal coaches will experience a profound change in their professional lives as they are able to take their organisation to new levels of performance.

In this program you will learn and explore a range of models to empower coaching within the organisation including:

  • The Axes of Change model
    A non-therapeutic model for facilitating change in the field of Coaching. Developed by Hall and Duval in 2003, based on self-actualising premises and the naturally occurring change process of healthy people, this simple yet revolutionary model gives you (as a Coach) 9 integral skills for coaching change and 9 critical roles to play as a change agent.
  • The Neuro-Semantic Benchmarking model
    Where is your client in their process of change? How do you know? How much more skill development do you need before you will have the coaching skills of a master? By what criteria are you measuring this? What is your benchmark for success?
  • The Matrix model
    This revolutionary model for mapping human functioning brings together all the very best from the fields of Systems, NLP and NS into one comprehensive model. Initially developed by Dr. Hall in 2001 for working with the mind-body-emotion systems of humans this model has also become a critical model for working within organisational, family, and cultural systems. This model finally gives the new and experienced coach a model for facilitating systemic change – using psychological premises and specific NLP and NS change patterns for knowing precisely what to do when.
  • The Neuro-Semantics Self-Actualization Model
    There are three NS self-actualization models: the NS Self-Actualization model specifies the theoretical frameworks of the concept of self-actualizing (making actual one’s potentials by mobilizing resources), the Matrix of self-actualization, and the Self-Actualization Quadrants. These models detail the definition, meaning, components, and processes of actualizing one’s best possibilities. In the context of coaching, these models actualize the best visions in the human potential movement by Maslow, Rogers, Carl, and others by giving practical processes.


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