Inside-Out Leadership

Operating through the State of Flow



Leading from the Inside Out, Performing at Peak, Transforming Your Life!

Inside-Out Leadership

Operating through the State of Flow



Leading from the Inside Out, Performing at Peak, Transforming Your Life!

3 Day Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach Training (ILC) #1


“This is an entry point to an ongoing and transformative set of experiences that will assist anyone in making
improvements in their quality of life.Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend and participate.
Congratulations to the presenters on their hard work and efforts to ensure this was a quality program.”

Graham Lewis,

Lecturer, Management & Sustainability, TAFE SA, Adelaide, SA

Thank you so much for what I can only describe as an exhilarating weekend. The mind is an amazing thing,
‘My Mind’ is an amazing thing, and I have used it today in ways I never thought possible. I am now much more
consciously engaged in communication and focused in every aspect of my daily life since completing the program.

Michael Butler

Managing Director, Ivan Butler Funerals, Klemzig, SA

This is an Applied Neuro Synergy foundational training where you will earn a 3-day Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach Certification. This training will greatly add to your self-leadership, influencing, communication, and coaching skills.

In every aspect of our lives we are always leading out. Inside-Out Leadership is at the heart of good leadership and therefore coaching. Over the course of this 3 day training you will be guided through the theory & principles of true Inside-Out Leadership and be provided with proven approaches and processes so that you can take way with you the knowledge and embodied understanding of how to lead yourself and others in all future situations in any given context.

Many of our participants find it to be a very transformational experience.

That is because they learn how to create meaningful meanings and through that you access and create your best states. States that have created a shift in their energy they are projecting in to the world.

As a result many have experienced changes in their external environment within days of attending, such as improved relationships with others, job offers and promotions that seem to have come out of the blue and generating new business.

Apart from that it will also add magic to your professional growth and your ability to engage with staff, colleagues and clients with greater eloquence, flow and connection.

Just imagine you could achieve similar miracles for yourself and others?

In this training you will learn how to develop, access and operate from your best states – often referred to as flow states or being in the zone. It will allow you to explore how your mind works, the levels of your mind (the higher levels of your thinking and meaning making), the systemic interrelationship of your beliefs and frames, your inner game, that govern your everyday experiences, your outer games. The experience you will receive in this training will also help you understand and engage the minds of others.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Company leaders, managers, team leaders, business owners
  • Trainers, coaches, consultants
  • Those who want to begin a professional career as a coach
  • Those of you who wish to develop your ability to lead out in your own life and create new results

Why this training?

To be truly exceptional at leading others, we must first be able to lead ourselves. This is only possible by understanding how we do what we do and to consciously know what we do. Inside-Out Leadership presents to you the critical components of how to lead your emotions and thought processes to first lead yourself as you move towards effectively leading others by acquiring formulas and strategies to:

  • Step up to the plate and take charge of yourself and your life
  • Develop yourself personally and/or professionally
  • Continuously develop as a leader
  • Achieve more satisfying results in your life purposefully
  • Remain curious to learn how to author your own life
  • Begin your career as an Applied Neuro Synergy Professional Coach

Where will this training take you?

You will learn and have practical experience in leading edge Inside-Out Leadership models and be presented with concepts that have revolutionised the way that people and organisation have thought about leadership and coaching.

  • Skills for inside-Out Leadership and personal management
  • Strategies to develop emotional intelligence
  • Greater levels of emotional management
  • How to apply no less than 10 Neuro Synergy behavioural change formulas for Inside-Out excellence
  • Overcome ever day excuses with ease
  • Eliminate negative synergy behaviours and thought patterns
  • Achieve synergistic focus and commitment in all you do
  • Grow a new understanding of your latent potential and how to utilise this in all you do
  • Understand and coach others in personal and professional change


Training Overview



This 3 day training presents the learner with10 thinking formulas and the psychology involved in each. It uncovers the mystery inside the facets of self and reveals how to communicate with self and others to achieve synergised performance. As a Trainer, or advanced communicator this knowledge is essential when facilitating both effective, and lasting transformational change.


Content Overview:

  • The Characteristics of Inside-Out Leadership
  • The Neuro Synergy of Self and How You Come to Be
  • Positive and Negative Neuro Synergy
  • Self Reflexive Consciousness
  • The Foundational Neuro Synergy Formula
  • Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Efficacy, Self Image
  • Self Determination
  • Habits – How to Knock those Bad Habits and Lock in the Good habits
  • Self Belief
  • Self Discipline and Closing the G.A.P
  • Emotional Intelligence – Feeling Smarter
  • Self Motivation
  • Procrastination – How to use it to your advantage
  • Self Mastery – The Winning Formula



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