Bringing out the Best in People! 


Engagement! Are you an enabler or disabler of people?

 Learn 3 Key Skills that connect you with your people and make your problems go away

Bringing out the Best in People! 


Engagement! Are you an enabler or disabler of people?

 Learn 3 Key Skills that connect you with your people and make your problems go away

“Thank you for inviting me to attend your half day leadership workshop. I found the session very informative and I was extremely surprised at how much I learned about myself and how I interact with others in this short workshop. During the session you sensitised me about my own behaviour and I have been surprised at the collaborative outcomes I have achieved since I have changed some of my own behaviour. I have also had the pleasure of seeing someone else put in place what she had learnt at your workshop. The workplace results speak for themselves. You helped us to analyse our interactions with others much more objectively. Your workshop was well paced and provided a good mixture of theory and experiential learning. I believe that everyone who attended enjoyed the workshop very much since you facilitated a serious topic with good humour and tremendous insight. Thank you for introducing me to Neuro-Semantics and NLP. I look forward to learning even more from you in future. I will recommend the workshop highly to both new and experienced managers.
Andries Pretorius

Human Resources Manager, Toop & Toop Real Estate, Adelaide SA

Operating effectively in complex market environments and responding to increasingly demanding customers, companies are advised to develop and nurture a leadership culture and capabilities at all levels. This can then challenge the status quo, function at higher levels of meaning, display mental & behavioural flexibility and engage in a high degree of self motivation. It has the hunger to learn with and through its people.

This is a program that is particularly beneficial to organisations and people that operate from a mindset of continuous learning and improvement. What it does, it will help your key people to further expand their capabilities to lead, communicate and engage with staff and customers. They learn advanced communication technologies tailored to the particular goals and challenges of their operation that will allow them to engage more of the talents of their people and make a stronger impact on their clients.

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Engagement! Everyone talks about it. Yet so many do it poorly! What’s it costing your business? So … are you an Enabler or Disabler of People?

In accordance to a Gallop survey only about 18 % of the Australian workforce is actively engaged in their work. About 40 % are actively disengaged. Which is costing the Australian economy around $31.5 billion. That means it is costing your business or organisation.

It’s costing you through a drop in production from disinterested people, the loss of customers who are sick of slack service, rudeness or boredom when they ask for assistance. One of the major costs of actively disengaged workers in the fact that a third of them will leave their job they have been trained to do to find something better. This means the employer has to advertise the position, spend time looking for a replacement and then retrain. More time and money gone!

And why is that?

Research has shown that

  • Many Disengaged Employees have become that way due to poor management practice, being treated badly, getting little feedback or corporation, being overly criticised, not having their performance reviews often enough, or having too many, and not rewarded for good work. The list goes on.
  • Engaged Workers are highly productive and give good service to your customers.

What to do about it?

In this highly experiential and interactive leadership workshop you will learn some very simple yet very profound approaches & processes that stimulate high level engagement & influence.

Tailored to your needs, you will discover how to –

  • Create an environment that runs on trust, collaboration & learning
  • Draw greater contribution & value from your people
  • Guide people through change & innovation
  • Create an organisational energy that is infectious
  • Increase customer satisfaction & happiness!

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