What is Applied Neuro Synergy and NLP?


Applied Neuro Synergy is a framework for understanding the world – the interconnectedness of how people make and apply meaning to inform what they do, and how they do it.

Applied Neuro Synergy is the study of how to assess and work with the interrelated elements or parts that are concerned with human performance. The fields’ focus is on synergising and applying all Neuro based knowledge to form a set, or sets of systemic rules that that clarifies any system, be it human or otherwise and it interrelated parts to produce optimal results.

Using this understanding, the Neuro Synergy community (Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy – GAANS, www.gaans.org) has developed training, coaching and support to help people develop greater competence, self-confidence and resourcefulness, live more mindfully and intentionally, and build success in their professional lives.

At GAANS, we apply the principles of Neuro Synergy to everything we do. We believe that a greater understanding of the Neuro Synergies of the mind lets people unleash their full potential.

Through Neuro Synergy and its unique understanding of human potential, you are provided with formulas and strategies for navigating the human brain so that you can tap into your most powerful resources for creating personal success and producing results – your mind. You will learn how to access your minds powerful resources so that you can create success in whatever area of your life you wish.

Applied Neuro Synergy involves the art of constant and precision awareness of key parts or frames of mind and the art of making mental and behavioural adjustments to ensure a desired aggregate result or whole. Typically, we speak loosely in terms of a ‘Whole’ or aggregate result, often referring to such things as goals, and we think broadly about the steps required to achieve those goals. Consequently, we are naturally seduced into eliminating the finer observations of the elements that make up that whole result and find ourselves short of the mark.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), sits inside the Applied Neuro Synergy model, and is widely regarded as the study of excellence and the art and science of human experience and communication. Through NLP’s unique understanding of the human mind’s potential, you have within you the most powerful resource for creating success and producing results.

The leading edge techniques of NLP allow you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviours, giving you the ability to choose your mental, emotional and physical states of well being. Apply these powerful skills in your own life – personally and professionally – or the lives of others to make lasting changes.

With NLP you can create the results you desire, increase your motivation, make more money, change your career, access your personal genius and attract the ideal relationship for you. You can also learn to communicate more effectively and figure out what motivates yourself and others.

NLP is being widely used by athletes, top sales people, business leaders, life coaches, counsellors and therapists to achieve outstanding results.

With Applied Neuro Synergy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you can learn to run your brain at all its higher levels. This will give you the power to maintain a larger perspective and access your own personal mastery.


Creating NLP Magic! Making the Invisible Visible, Seeing the Structure and Enriching the Map



What is the difference that makes the masters of NLP use their craft artfully, seamless with ease and create MAGIC? They see structure. The structure of the map of the human experience!

Often the novice and even some more experienced practitioners get lost in the techniques of NLP. NLP is much more than just a bunch of techniques. At the core, NLP is a modelling and communication model. The key question here is “How does something work?” The secret to how something works lies in the structure of how a person has mapped and organised their inner experience about their outer world. This shows up in the way they think, feel, speak and behave.

Learn to see and play with this structure, perform MAGIC! Being able to pay attention to the infra-structure of the mind-body-emotion system – how it is organised, how it inter-relates, its dynamic and energy flow and where the NLP domains live and interact – will allow you to see a person’s inner landscape. This will make it much easier for you to determine what questions to ask and what NLP patterns and techniques to apply that helps them to enrich that landscape. And more importantly help your clients’ live a richer life and perform at their fullest potential.